IDEA’s Mission is to :

Nurture and develop the untapped aptitude potential and creativity in children by facilitating opportunities for educational demonstrations, by enabling talent search and through professional career focused development programs, and provide clearly focused career guidance to the younger generation, using the abundant voluntary expertise and resources available in the country.


IDEA aims to:

  • Provide children a forum for exhibiting their creativity and talents through educational project based demonstrations.
  • Provide Career Guidance to students in Grades 10 and above.
  • Enable children's talent search at an early stage.
  • Provide focus and add value to children's knowledge base.
  • Offer programs on self development and leadership excellence.
  • Provide opportunities for developing educational aptitude amongst children.
  • Facilitate interaction of students with leading professionals to share knowledge.
  • Develop cultural and artistic talents in children.
  • Provide a forum where children, parents, teachers and professionals meet and exchange views of common interest and mutual benefit, in both social and academic environments.